Medically reviewed & written by Dr. Neha Sawant (PT) — Research Associate Masters in Neurophysiotherapy

Medically reviewed & written by Dr. Jude Dsouza (PT) — Research Associate Masters in Neurophysiotherapy

Turf Toe



Turf Toe is a common term to describe sprain of the ligament of the great toe. It is commonly seen in football players but is also associated with other sports like basketball, running, dancing etc. It results from repetitive activities which involve excessive pushing off (upward bending of great toe) during sport activities which causes sprain of the ligament. Symptoms include pain, swelling, limited movement of the toe, difficulty in movement. Symptoms worsen gradually and can get worse if left unattended. 



Turf toe is commonly seen in sport activities played on artificial turf. Sports which involve repetitive push off of the foot on the great toe and the forefoot causes spraining of the great toe supporting ligaments. Less supportive, improper fitted, less cushioned footwear used while sport activities can be one of the reasons for this injury.


Treatment and Prevention


Physical therapy comprising of rest, ice, compression and elevation helps to reduce pain and swelling. Proper footwear, shoe inserts, arch supports etc provide required support to the foot in sport activities on the ground preventing such injuries.



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