Medically reviewed & written by Dr. Neha Sawant (PT) — Research Associate Masters in Neurophysiotherapy

Medically reviewed & written by Dr. Jude Dsouza (PT) — Research Associate Masters in Neurophysiotherapy

If your answer is yes then you should know your foot type

Knowing your foot type will tell you a lot about your foot health. Unless our feet hurt, we don’t pay attention to our feet or what type of footwear we wear. If we know our foot type, and how it may affect us then it becomes easy to treat and prevent serious injuries.


It is the middle part of the foot. Normally, it does not touch the ground, and is slightly curved.
The most common arch types:

Low Arch

About 20% of people have low arch. It’s called as Flat Feet. Here the middle part of the foot comes in contact with the ground and rolls inward. People with low arch generally complain of foot pain and fatigued feet. They also experience recurrent ankle twist episodes. This type of feet is very commonly seen in overweight people and dancers.

Arch supports, heel cushions etc. help correct their foot position while walking, running and other activities.

Medium Arch

About 60% of people have a normal or medium arch. When these people run or walk they hardly complain of pain. This type of foot is most efficient. Though, chances of pain and injury are less in these types of people, but they are at a risk of developing due to tight footwear, high heels, and long hours of standing or walking.

Cushioned footwear, medium heel, arch supporting shoes etc are few options you can go for to relieve your foot pain if you have a normal arch.

High Arch

This type of foot is seen in about 20% of people. The middle part of the foot is higher than normal people and lookslike a C shape. Because of this the front and the heel portion of the foot experiences lot of stress. A person with this foot type will complain of foot pain, changes in the toe shape, pain while walking and jumping.

Footwear inserts like insoles which supports the middle part and relieves pain are available.


Longtail boat in Thailand
Longtail boat in Thailand

If Yes, Get your foot scanned!

This will help you know your foot type whether you have medium, low, or a high arch. You will also come to know about your foot dimensions and guide you to choose the correct footwear type and size. So next time when you go to buy footwear, you have your correct footwear size and won’t land up buying a size smaller or bigger!

There’s more….

• This will also help you assess how exactly you are exerting weight on each foot.
• Your balance across both feet and across each foot.
• Assess your fall risk.
• Learn about pressure distribution while walking.

Get a foot scan done! Now!!

Once you have all this information, it will become easy to understand why your feet, knees or back hurts. Decisions on what type of exercises, footwear, insoles or arch support you should choose to relieve your arch pain will become simple and easy as well.

* Foot Scans can be done at centers using OHM 3000 plantar pressure systems

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